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Welcome to Learning through immersion

Please have a look around, even though most things are still under construction.

What is immersion learning

suggested setup

this is the suggested setup of the learning environment

why anki

Why you should use anki and how to start using it

English language guides

Korean Guide

Korean fluency guide for English natives

Chinese Guide

Chinese fluency guide for English natives

Japanese guide

Korean fluency guide for English natives

German guide

recommended for advanced learners looking for a more nuanced look into the inner workings of Japanese grammar


Koreanischer Leitfaden

Effektiver Leitfaden um Koreanisch zu lernen

Chinesischer Leitfaden

Effektiver Leitfaden um Chinesisch zu lernen

Japanesischer Leitfaden

Effektiver Leitfaden um Japanisch zu lernen

Englischer Leitfaden

Effektiver Leitfaden um Englisch zu lernen



LTI Discord

LTI Korean Discord

LTI Chinese Discord

LTI Japanese Discord


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